Hilton's The Ad You Stay In 
The travel industry has become obsessed with the destination. But at Hilton, we believe the most important part of your trip is the stay because the stay can make or break your trip.  
We needed to find a way to challenge the world to stay and what better way to do that than to go on the fastest-moving social media platform, TikTok. We challenged people to stay for the longest TikTok a brand could possibly make, a 10 minute video.  We enlisted the help of Paris Hilton and other big influencers on TikTok to star in our 10-minute ad. Instead of mandating a script, we worked with the creators to speak to their niche communities about Hilton in their own way. 
Art Director: Anika Grube
Copywriter: Alexa Padron
ECD: Gabriel Cheung
CCO: Amy Ferguson 
Producer: Sarah Haroldson 
Director: David Ebert &  Danielle Katvan 
Edit: Jonah Oskow
Music: Butter
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day NY
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