Face Fear | The North Face 
The One Club for Creativity  |  Young Ones  |  2020  |  Bronze Pencil​​​​​​​
We were asked to create a concept that inspires the next generation of female explorers in the outdoors. The power of fear is enough to keep women from achieving their goals, but exploration has the power to change that and help us overcome it. 
We created a campaign that asked women to express their fears and used their words for our ads. Each ad highlights the empowering message hidden within their statements. ​​​​​​
Case Study 
Our digital ads lead viewers to The Face Fear website; a safe space where people can anonymously submit their fears without judgment. The site will rework fears into affirmations that encourage positive self-talk.
We created quiet spaces, around the city, for people to enter and say their fears out loud. Their words would be reworked in positive affirmations in real time and would appear on the outside walls of the installation. 
Art Directors: Anika Grube, Emily Galvelis, Lauren Padula, Cara Cannone
Role: Concept, Art Direction
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