Verizon #UNDRGRND 
The One Club for Creativity  |  Boot Camp  |  2019 
How can Verizon's partnership with Apple Music show young audiences that they provide the best access to music? The problem is that partnerships with popular streaming services saturate the market. So how does Verizon set themselves apart?

Understanding that younger audiences celebrate their individualism through niche music without genre restrictions we decided to create a campaign that allows people to discover new music through Verizons partnership with genre bending artists.
We dropped teaser posters for people to find and discover new music from Verizons genre bending artists.

Teaser Drop
We will place teaser ads on social and web platforms like Pitchfork, NPR Tiny Desk using the hashtag #UNDRGRND to create buzz about the activation.
Art Directors: Anika Grube, Steph Zmuda
Copywriter:  Ravi Singh
Creatives: Zharia Shinn, Nino Pateishvili
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