Papa Johns X DORITOS

Papa Johns and Doritos teamed up to create the Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia, an idea so good that everyone wanted to take credit for. We worked with a bunch of influencers to launch their claim as the original creators of the Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia on TV and social media. 
For TV we released 2 versions of the spots,  your typical new product launch, and then the same spot being ‘hijacked’ by DJ Khaled claiming it was his idea. Both aired at the same time so you never knew which you would get. Then a bunch of influencers jumped in on the conversation on social media to stake their claim as the original creator of the Doritos Papadia. 

Art Directors: Anika Grube, Mike Gaines
Copywriters: Alexa Padron, Olivia Gormley
Creative Directors: Jexy Holman, Nuno Teixeira
CCO: Amy Ferguson
Senior Producer: Sarah Haroldson
Executive Producer: Kristen Cooler
Director: Mike Diva 
Editor: Jonah Oskow
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day NY